ARCH. DESIGN : Lefteris K. and Charis M.
STATUS : Design proposal 2009
ΑREA : 300 sq. m.
LOCATION : K. Archanes





The challenge in this design proposal was to combine a seventy year old, solid, stone made structure with a contemporary, environmental and energy efficient, new floor extension.
The regions traditional architectural shape had to be preserved according to the Archeology and Planning Authorities.



Exploded axonometric.



A steel frame structure will support the new floor extension an interior crane, and also part of the buildings shell. The facades were manipulated according to the climate, the views and certain constrains. The southern elevation had to be protected with mechanical controlled retractable louvers (handmade by the company), while the eastern elevation had to provide a great view towards the road and the opposite hill, (which provides shade till mid-day).





The company’s main preoccupation is the manufacture of unique architectural structures that involve steel, stainless steel, zinc, titanium and much more. The whole extension will be a company’s project that can host the new office spaces, meeting room and a small exhibition of the company’s great portfolio.








Existing building