ARCH. DESIGN    : LKarchitect
STRUCTURAL E. : G. Kostantinidis
MECHANICAL E. : Mechanical Projects
STATUS : Designed August 2013. Completed September 2013
ΑREA : apr. 600 sq. m.
62 Martyron Avenue, Heraklion 




Since the completion of this store, the company has desided to adopt and imply the design principles and elements to every future shop.




New shops designed around Greece in 2014 and 2015:
Ilion-Athens, Pefki-Athens, Pireas, Agrinio, Thessaloniki.



©Graham Hodgetts Photography


This is the 15th store of Meidanis – Electroinvest. S.A. and actually the company’s first in Crete. The owners of the company have selected this design scheme after a closed competition between 4 shortlisted architectural practices. Apart from the circulation and service requirements, the shelving systems, the corporate materials and colors for the exterior, they have given us a design flexibility, which couldn’t exceed the strict and limited budget. In addition time was also really important because everything had to be designed, detailed and manufacture in a limited period of 30 days.



©Graham Hodgetts Photography


The existing edifice was parted by 2 buildings, one raised from the other, which was previously leased by a car company. The existing reinforced concrete structure was in very critical condition and in urge for restoration and reinforcement.
Since the company supplies all sorts of specialized products mainly used by electricians, we proposed a scheme that could respect the industrial nature of the space and also make use of the company’s products. 



Existing Buildings.






New ceiling.


Our initial response was the exposure of all the mechanical services, through the selection of white electrical grates in a dark grey background. With this flexible and fast solution the ceiling will give linearity and a kind of infinity effect for the drivers.  The existing slope on the floor was eliminated and instead it was replaced by a raised level with laminated floor finish. The colors of the workbench, the cashier the tables and the chairs where partly selected to emphasize the company’s identity and also make a sharp industrial blend in




©Graham Hodgetts Photography




Exploded axonometric.




Pre existing situation of the building.



Pre existing situation of the building.





Conceptual Sketches.



3D proposal.