ARCHEOLOGISTS : Giannis and Efi Sakelaraki
EXCAVATION ARCH. : Charis M. and Lefteris K.
STATUS : Summer 1999, 2000, 2001
LOCATION : Archanes





Photo-collage of Room 32.



Ink hand drawing.



To work on an excavation project is a breathtaking and exciting experience that many times made us feel like the young, cinematic “Indiana Jones”. Relics, clay pots and valuable artifacts where appearing in front of our impressed eyes, daily, after being buried there for centuries. Slowly and patiently, gentle and with great accuracy the scientific team of Giannis and Efi Sakelaraki (profound archeologists on Minaon Civilazation), the local Archeological Board and Museum, evaluated, documented and restored everything.




View of Archanes and the area of the excavation, from the nearby hill.






General Plan of the Palatial Complex in Archanes.


Final Plan of the Rooms 32 and 33.



Our involvement as excavation architects were the daily documentation of the layers of excavation for the numbered rooms 32 and 33, of one of the most extraordinary food storage spaces, of a Minoan Palatial Complex. At the end of the 3rd summer of the excavation, the museum preservation team had assembled the majority of clay food jars, while we draw in scale the level of destruction of the existing walls. 


Hand Drawing of the Reconstructed P. 1.


Hand Drawing of the Reconstructed P. 7.


Hand Drawing of the Reconstructed P. 5.


Hand Drawing of the Reconstructed P. 4.


Hand Drawing of the Reconstructed P. 8.


The final drawings of the assembled jars and an early 3dimensional representation of the existing situation were part of the final Elective Project, for the Graduate Diploma Course in Architecture at DMU of LKarchitect.




Photo of the Palatial Complex and the early 3d showing the destruction of the walls.