ARCH. DESIGN : LKarchitect
STATUS : Designed December 2013.
210 sq. m.
LOCATION : Moires Crete





View of the kitchen and dining area.


The young owners of this ground floor apartment contribute significantly in its final design. Their initial thoughts were mostly about a warm and contemporary habitat that can be easily united with the exterior through large openings. For the main spaces of the apartment they wanted an open plan that can be enjoyed anytime by them, their friends and family without losing its freedom and connection with their garden.



View from the entrance of the apartment.



View of the bedroom and hot tub.


They owners wanted to also maintain the same relation with the exterior, from the bedrooms, without losing their privacy. This issue was resolved with the creation of a secret garden and therefore a more playful, resort type master bedroom.



View of the "Secret garden" from the office.


Apart from the master bedroom the garden was accessible from the office and the main bathroom creating a unique relation with water.



Photos of the existing edifice.


Existing part of the building.


New walls.


Kitchen, wardrobes.
Office extension and secret garden.



New ceiling and lighting Scenarios.