ARCH. DESIGN : Lefteris K. and Charis M.
STATUS : Phase 1  completed 2010.  Phase 2 completed 2014
ΑREA : 600 sq. m.
LOCATION : Heraklion














All levels.


The ground floor layout of the exhibition area was not so dinstict and clear. This was resulting to a certain lack of control and disorientation by the customers. The owners wanted a new rearrangement by using all the existing products and promotional stands and of course a new customer’s route according to the shops timetable and employees shifts.



Photos showing the lack of distinct zoning.


The new space was going to reintroduce the service area of mechanical engineers and all the professional solutions and advanced products that the company can supply. Also a raised floor with a wooden finish that was actually contrasting on the industrial steel structure. Behind this space is the self service area for plumbers.


New Zones

Views. Access. Raised level.

Arrangement and Customers service.






During the design process we worked closely with the graphic design team, Lazy Snail, for the promotion in the space of the new corporate identity.

The corporate “Stencils” were used for this reason in an installation stretching ten meters up from the basement level all the way to the first floor.







Existing zoning.

New zoning. Concentration of all the "flooring" stands, from basement level and level +1.


New arrangement.