ARCH. DESIGN : LKarchitect
STATUS : Designed in 2012. Completed in 2013
ΑREA : 120sq. m.
LOCATION : Heraklion






©Vassilis Goumas


After spending fifteen years abroad and in a profession involving commerce and lots of travelling around the world, the owner returned back to her hometown, deciding that she wanted to begin her own business. Her parent’s old apartment was ideal to host both her new home and a new work environment.

©Vassilis Goumas


View of the open, oak door, the office space and the wall mural.


©Vassilis Goumas


View of the closed, oak door, which isolates the office from the rest of the house.

©Vassilis Goumas


View of the handmade wall mural. Artwork by Andreas Kambas, Ask studio, inspired by the motos of the legendary artist, Jenny Holzer.



The creation of the office space had to be designed near the entrance and where the previous kitchen was. The client wanted a space that could be easily united or isolated from the rest of the house. The owner also wanted the office space, to be easily adjusted to serve as a future guest house.

The new kitchen was created where the old master bedroom was, giving a clear sense of the zones in the house. The new master bedroom made use of the previous corridor and gained a built in wardrobe.


©Vassilis Goumas


View of the main bathroom.


©Vassilis Goumas








Conceptual process sketches.



The apartment before the refurbishment.


Existing floor plan.

New walls and openings.

Second entrance for the office.

New floors. Isolated office space.

Wall Mural and Stone wall.

New kitchen and wardrobes.

Furniture arrangement.

New ceilings and light scenarios.


3D proposal. View ot the apartment from the entrance.



3D proposal. View ot the office space.