ARCH. DESIGN : Lefteris K. and Charis M.
STRUCTURAL ENG. : Pavlos Marinakis
STATUS : Designed for Planning Permission 2010
ΑREA : apr. 305 sq. m.
LOCATION : Rogdia, Crete






The initial request was the design of a restaurant extension linking the two lower levels of the restaurant with an indoor and an outdoor space for banquets and events. The spaces must have a capacity of 100 to 250 people.

The inclined site, the views and the orientation towards southeast were the main factors that shaped our design.



On the street level there is the entrance to the new part and the parking space. The visitors could either explore the space through a series of staircases or the lift. The main framed view is facing the island and follows  the construction borders and limitations of the site. During the summer the retractable doors can open offering a unique view, especially on a night with a full moon, towards the sea and the reflections of light.



On the first level bellow the street, there is storage space and a unique area for wine tasting and the wine cellar. This level is on the same level as the kitchen and it can act as an open air extension that can host up to one hundred guests.

The last level is surrounded by a water feature that can give a great ambience to any event. On this level there is the main banquet hall.






Conceptual process sketches.





Photos of the site and the existing restaurant.