DESIGN TEAM  : Lefteris Kotzampasakis, Charis Markodimitrakis,
Kostas Makridakis, Maria  Mpenetaki, Loukas Segredakis
STATUS : 2005

AREA : 6250 m²
LOCATION : Archanes- Open University Area





          The project involved the urban area around the Open University building and the Heraklion Development Agency







The local authorities wanted to aesthetically connect the buildings with the existing main road and at the same time to integrate their existing infrastructure. The improvement of the existing sewage system, the protection from heavy rain and the effect of torrents,  a new pedestrian sidewalk, parking spaces and the preservation of the character of this designated Traditional Area where among the basic design factors that shaped our proposal. 



                                    Detail of the first part of the area.



                                    Detail of the second part of the area.