STATUS : January 2013
LOCATION: Cine Studio, Heraklion Crete 
TEAM:Jannik Weylandt, Antje Larsen, LKarchitect, Aglaia Michelaki,
Dream Pix. Productions, Antonis Tsikandilakis, Antonios Doxastakis,



Three unique instruments, matching vibrations and oscillations, took the audience of Heraklion on an immersive sound and visual journey.The unusual combination of these three instruments gives a unique and non-recordable sound and visual experience.    


The most well-known of the three, the Harp is one of the oldest instruments and played by cultures all over the world.

The Hang, on the contrary, is a very young instrument, developed in 2000 in Switzerland - it is one of the newest, rarest and most sought after instruments.

The Helix is an experimental instrument that developed in 2011/12 in Crete and Austria by Michela Pelusio in collaboration with FORTH.




© Jannik Weylandt Photography


Martina Stock and Christian Schratt have played together since 2010, under the name of Cipherence Symphony. Their concerts take place in buildings that create a natural acoustic experience, like underground car parks, factories, churches and concert halls. In 2012 Martina, Michela and Christian first joined in a concert of hang, helix, and harp, at the art festival Schmiede 2012 in Austria.



©Antje Larsen


The helix is a kinetic light sculpture that replicates waves in the form of light, while simultaneously producing a haunting sound reminiscent of impending action. 


                                          ©Antje Larsen


                                         ©Antje Larsen